Milkshake font free download

Introducing Milkshake font was designed by Laura Worthington:

Much like Funkydori, Ganache, and range 5, Milkshake font was sketched rather than left using a brush or fountain pencil, although Laura utilized experiments to make confident certain letterforms seemed exactly the way that they have to. “I strove to store the details to a minimum, so make the strokes maybe perhaps not overly narrow, maintain the x-height tall, and avoid introducing any oddball letterforms that will throw away from the style from drawing way far too large an amount of attention .” The end outcome can be an enjoyable typeface that manages to become readable, versatile.


Milkshake font

Milkshake font free download

Milkshake font can be a thick, yet substantial script built to be a favorite treat. Laura lay outside to”create a style and layout and style that will be more favorable, readable, and versatile. I wanted it to be more memorable, however, to be a workhorse of a script font. As I went during the plan and growth phase, I was really drawn to the way around and thick it was turning out and that also I enjoyed this appearance — it makes a hardy font, so capable of carrying against energetic backgrounds and adventuresome enough to get headlines or even titling treatments.”

Download Milkshake font free (1 style) below:

Designed by: Laura Worthington
Classification: Script
Tags: Brushed Script
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